Impact of Pop Culture on Society

With the arrival of social media, it has become easier to circulate culture across the globe and transubstantiate the world into one global society. This has also seen the penetration of pop culture into colorful aspects of society.

To understand the impact of pop culture, we first need to understand what pop culture is. The simplest description of pop culture is “ultramodern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at youngish people.” It has been noted across colorful checks conducted that the youth is most told and is the biggest consumer of pop culture.

Pop culture affects society in numerous ways. The first and utmost rudimentary effect of pop culture is how it builds and strengthens relations with people who are also into the same kind of effects. Events to celebrate pop culture similar to ridiculous-con help foster bonds among people of different backgrounds. Pop culture therefore acts as a unifying agent for youth across the globe. As Shreyash, a pupil of BITS says, “It's amazing to see how people gel at ridiculous-con.” Hobgoblin, a pupil of Liberal trades from Delhi says, “ridiculous-con helped me make musketeers and gave me more motifs to talk about in social settings.” Mukund, the director of Blossoms, a bookstore in Bangalore addresses his complaints about people getting into violent conversations grounded on a ridiculous, or a book especially commodity like Game of Thrones that's relatively current. He says that he has also seen people recommend different books to each other and make musketeers.

On a more particular position, pop culture helps people grow and be more accepting considering the vast quantum of representation throughout the colorful stripes in pop societies. There have been cases and reports about scholars taking an interest in Chemistry because of Breaking Bad or history because ofDr. Who.( for a more detailed study) It's indeed suspected that the Motorola flip phone was inspired by Star Trek. As said by Pixie and his musketeers, pop culture icons indeed impact them on stage while portraying a character because they tend to draw parallels between the two characters. It also helps the actors to connect with the followership because of the continuing influence of pop culture icons characters. Shreyas also says, “It helps people become more creative and expands their imaginative minds.”

With pop culture taking over the large and small screen, wares grounded on these fandoms have endured a smash in deals. Before, it was just deep suckers of a particular kidney buying merch related to it but now audience merch is submerging the thoroughfares. From stores like Forever21 or Zara to the road shops, you can find band t- shirts, superhero t- shirts, wrist bands etc. Zain, the proprietor of a small store that sells audience merch on Brigade road in Bangalore says that he has seen an increase in deals since the mass media saw an increase in the acclimations of comics, book series etc. He says he sees a smash in anime merch now that a lot of people are talking to it. He predicts that the hype would persist for at least the coming decade. An Iron Man addict, Zain addresses how the character helped him get further confident as he tried to imitate the Tony Stark swagger. He indeed talks about the further obscure characters similar as Iron Fist, Luke Cageetc. are now gaining ground because of the television shows which can further help boost deals.

Still, piecemeal from the mainstream wares, there are colorful small shops that sell custom wares commissioned to original artists. Case in point fever, a small grungy store in Church Street, Bangalore. It's managed by four people- Selvin, Theja, Ryan and Anita who themselves are tone- confessed suckers of colorful aspects of pop culture. The store sells only customised merchandise that's “out of the ordinary” and is designed by the proprietor, Theja, who also outsources her conception ideas to original artists. This isn't only helping people earn plutocrat but is also giving original artists a chance to showcase their work. All because of pop culture.

There are websites on the internet that just sell audience merch and bills and customised collectibles similar as “Batarangs” etc.

In terms of generating business, there has also been a growth of themed caffs and cafes throughout the country. There's a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. themed café in every big megacity in India. In some places across the globe, Starbucks has been known to sell Harry Potter themed drinks (Butterbeer Latte). Bars and caffs have been known to craft drinks and amalgamations grounded on food preferences of a character or grounded on the character themselves. In fact, pop culture has told food so much that there's a point that has fashions solely of dishes inspired from popular books. “Two musketeers Cauldron” is a Harry Potter themed café that's located in J.P. Nagar in Bangalore.

Not least, the influence of pop culture as tools of kick can be seen in reference signs in colorful kick marches and these are the signs that go viral (Images below). Also, pop culture has evolved into a tool for propagating dissent and bringing to light colorful social issues that run rampant but are ignored. Indeed though it's said that “These effects are made for kiddies”, they're replete with social and moral dispatches. It's largely attributed to pop culture that the present generation is more accepting and dynamic and oral about injustice and issues that persecute society.

Indeed to spread mindfulness, pop culture icons are used so as to be more relatable and delightful to the youth and children. For illustration, for child cancer mindfulness week, cartoon characters were used.

Conceivably, the most intriguing and amusing impact of pop culture is faddish culture references in other pieces of pop culture. For illustration,J.R.R.Tolkien’s work being substantiated in Led zeppelin songs or when Iron tells Hawkeye “Pipe it down, Legolas” in ‘The punishers’ or The Big Bang Theory which is replete with references to pop culture or Ted and Marshall from How I Met Your mama being compulsive suckers of Star Wars or Dean and Sam from Supernatural harkening to classic gemstone and representing Star Trek, Harry Potter and Disney; the list is endless.

Substantially the youth? Well, it's incompletely because the youth is more attuned with social media which in the moment's age is the most important tool in propagating culture in general. An intriguing observation made byMr. Himanshu, a product director is that generally the youth is driven towards or attracted to pop culture because it makes them stand against the crowd. He says that he himself was largely told by star wars growing up, especially the Jedi law of conduct and attributes that are now philanthropic to him. Also, pop culture gives the youth a lot of numerous avenues to explore. It helps people express their identity more. For someone who may witness difficulty in figuring out their own identity, can express themselves in terms of a character or icon they relate to. Social media and blogs are full of people who have spoken about pop culture icons and characters helping them accept themselves and come out of the closet.

Still, we can not just push down the fact that pop culture has negative influences as well. The definition of violence, blood and spear can have serious cerebral impacts especially on youthful children. Some people can get so immersed into fictional worlds that it becomes delicate for them to distinguish between what's real and what's not. It can also be heavily abstracting for people. In some ways, pop culture can discourage intelligence and literacy as is seen in the way Ross and Ted’s musketeers reply to them acting ‘smart’ on colorful cases in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your mama independently which can produce a dangerous effect on the youth.

It's inarguable that pop culture has gone a long way in making the conception of “global society” a reality by giving people across the world a common subject to talk about. Who among the internet community heavily into pop culture can say that they've not indeed made a single friend overseas through addict accounts and converse apartments? Pop culture keeps changing from generation to generation and has a pronounced effect on the youth. A composition I read while probing for the content said, “It's refreshing to see so numerous people unapologetically being themselves. suckers happily partake in their potentially unusual interests with no reservation or study of the conceptions with which other people might associate them. Say what you will, but fandoms attract and support independent thinkers who are habituated to the implicit insulation of the road less traveled.” and that I suppose that sums it up well enough.