How to Determine What Formats to Use in Your Content Marketing


When most people hear the term “content marketing” they incontinently suppose blog posts and papers.

In actuality, there’s a lot further to content marketing than just writing papers. Written content is frequently less precious to produce and can be veritably effective, but if you overlook other content formats similar as vids, podcasts, and infographics, you’ll not be getting the most out of your content strategy.

Certain types of content advance themselves better to particular diligence than others. Some parts of your followership may also be easier to reach with one content format over another.

To maximize your content marketing budget, it’s essential to identify the content formats that will produce the loftiest ROI and reverberate with your followership.

Quick Takeaways

When developing your content strategy, it’s essential to consider several different content formats – not just blog posts and written content.

Research your followership to get a better idea of the types of content they engage with and share.

For the biggest followership reach and getting the most from your budget, re-purpose one piece of content into several different formats. 

Content Formats to Consider

So what exactly are we talking about when we say “content”? Online content may take a number of forms including: Blog posts, papers( published in places other than your own blog), vids, Podcasts, Infographics, Images, Webinars, Slide donations, Ebooks, White papers, Dispatch newsletters, Case studies, Press releases, Interviews, Social media posts and other tools.

While several of these formats would fall under the order of written content, others similar as videotape may not involve any jotting at all. Other types of content might include an admixture of formats for illustration, a long-form composition or case study that includes infographics and vids.

The sheer number of options in content marketing can be inviting, particularly if you have limited coffers or a tight budget. So how should you decide which formats to choose for your content marketing strategy?

What Types of Content Should You produce?

Each type of content has its own pros and cons. For illustration, while videotape can be largely engaging and shareable, it can be time- consuming and precious to produce. There are colorful points you need to consider before deciding on content formats for each of your content marketing juggernauts. 

These include

- Your intended followership (do they like to read papers or watch vids, for illustration?)

- The type of information you want to include (stats and numbers generally work stylish as a map or infographic, while “how to” type content might be easier to follow as a videotape rather than written instructions)

- Your budget and time commitments

As written content is generally the most cost effective to produce, numerous marketers choose to concentrate on a core of blog posts and other written content, with the occasional infographic and video thrown in for good measure.

Repurposing your content into several different formats is also an effective way to squeeze further ROI out of every piece of content and reach a wider followership. For illustration, one blog post could also bere-created as a podcast, video, and potentially an infographic. 

How to Choose the Right Content Format for Your followership

Numerous businesses find that creating content that’s applicable for their followership is one of their biggest challenges in content marketing. For your content to be effective it’s vital that you not only choose motifs that will reverberate with your followership, but also that you publish content in a format that has the stylish chance of being consumed and participated.

The key to getting this right is to carry out in-depth exploration on your followership. When you really understand the preferences and provocations of your followership, as well as their online habits, you can come up with a content plan that's optimized for success with your particular followership.

Launch by reviewing your analytics software and other followership intelligence. Identify segmented groups to target each of your content marketing juggernauts with. 

You should consider:

- The age and demographics of youraudience.However, short-form video is presumably a good format choice, while aged demographics tend to prefer long-form textbook, if you’re marketing substantially at Millennials.

- What content formats are they engaging with?

- What are they participating?

- Where are they spending their time online?

- What are their preferred social networks?

Suppose about the pretensions of each piece of content too – for superemeinent generation, content similar as ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars is more effective than standard vids or blog posts. Content that actually leads to transformations might look veritably different from content that's participated a lot on social media.

While you should be guided by your original exploration, it’s important to experiment and test to optimize your content plan. While the stats might say that Millennials prefer short-form videotape, the Millennials in your followership might engage further with ebooks or podcasts.

Pros and Cons of Popular Content Formats

When you’re deciding which formats to use in each of your content juggernauts, it’s important to take a balanced view and consider what’s possible and realistic for you to produce, what you’d publish with unlimited budget and coffers, as well as your thing of turning users into guests.

Blog Posts

- Fairly cheap and easy to produce

- Effective at boosting SEO

- Must be published on a regular schedule for stylish effectiveness

- Largely flexible – can be short or long- form and can be effective for numerous different pretensions including to add value to your living guests, convert new leads into guests, or to make brand mindfulness

- Attracts commentary and guest posts


Video is one of the most engaging forms of online content and its populary is continuing to increase

More delicate and precious to produce than texts content, although it's surely possible to produce simple vids on a small budget

- Time-consuming and resource ferocious

- It can be delicate to produce vids that are truly engaging

- YouTube is the world’s second largest hunt machine and shows over one billion hours of video every day to its users

- Some of the most participated content on social media is video

- Largely effective for branding and boosting authority


- Effective at erecting followership connections and fidelity

occasion to connect with a interned followership

- Podcasts are a growing trend – over 30 of the US population listens to a podcast at least once a month

- Advanced hedge to entry – outfit for recording high- quality sound is essential

- Harmonious product is essential to maintain an followership

delicate to measure ROI

- Infographics

- Great for representing data in an easy-to-understand format

- Popular content format for participating on social media

- Other blogs likely to use and link back to your point – great for brand mindfulness and SEO

- Only suitable for specific motifs

- Collecting data and producing plates can be time- consuming

- Low engagement eventuality.

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