Different Content Formats and When to Use Them

Content formats can take numerous forms. Most businesses suppose of it as just blog jotting and while blogs are a good way to ameliorate your SEO, there are innumerous ways to communicate to your followership snappily and efficiently.

Changing up your content style can shake up a tired format, produce connections with different guests and open up avenues to colorful social media. Different content styles also work with guests at colorful stages of the deals channel.

From quick, easy freshman information to in-depth attendants for return guests, your content plan should feed to everyone’s requirements. After all, content is king.

Then are the most popular types of content you can produce. Mix and match them and you’ll find new leads, deals and exposure.


Blogs are the most common and easiest pieces to plan. These pieces of content are the chief diet of any website, furnishing new keywords for hunt machines to bottleneck while also furnishing intriguing content for your callers. Blogs are quick to produce and easy to upload. This content is perfect for landing new keywords, short tail and long tail.

Blogs are precious pieces of content. Low cost and easy to produce, this form of content creation can also help cultivate a community around your brand and make long term client connections.

It's essential to flash back that connections take time to develop so make sure you produce a long term, harmonious blog plan. Organic growth is a slow burn. It can become a source of visibility that snowballs with proper care.

When creating blog content you should also ensure that all that business is put to good use. Optimize your blogs for conversion. Always add a call to action and internal links to applicable services and products. Internal links keep druggies on your point for longer, adding the chances they will convert. For added efficacity, add a link or shoutout to a useful external point. 

Research the keywords and terms you need to include in your piece. Once you’ve completed jotting, insure that all of them are included and applicable. Combine long and short crucial expressions to increase your visibility.

Long-form Content

Long-form pieces are a great tool for establishing your point as a brand leader and showing off your knowledge. These pieces are also great for adding subscriptions with the pledge of further features driving observers to give you their details. A long-form piece can take numerous different guises similar as an in-depth companion, case study, or indeed a gonzo intelligence piece.

These pieces are generally much longer than your average blog reaching up to about 1,000 words. You don’t need to write it all in one sitting. You can break it down into chapters. Release them at regular intervals to make up for expectations and develop a readership. A point also allows you to drill down into the keywords and get specific. Unique questions, expert sapience and hunt terms relating your assiduity can all be included and ranked for increased visibility.

These pieces are time-consuming and bear quite a bit of investment. Don’t let this time and money go to waste. Also sell it, if you do conclude for a long-form piece. Promote it heavily and roar to the hilltops.

Case Studies

Case studies are specific to you and the work you do. These PR pieces are a great way to tell people about the quality of your work and get some third party feedback from guests. Guests trust a point supported by word of mouth and case studies are a good way to induce word of mouth.

Case studies can take numerous forms, a blog, a long- form piece, an infographic, indeed a videotape interview. A case study also allows you to develop allowed leadership, partake your gests and produce dupe that's unique to your brand. These pieces also advance themselves to internal linking adding onsite time and driving guests down the channel.

When creating a case study, it’s important to not just report the results. Dry stats are nothing without sapience so give your perspective. Every case study has a story so don’t be hysterical to explore it.

White Papers

White papers are a long-form piece of content that relies heavily on statistics and data. This further specialized kinsman of a point piece uses perceptive data to produce a detailed study. White papers are incredibly specific, frequently including information and slang that only others in your assiduity will find applicable. White papers are the zenith of allowed leadership. 

Generating a white paper is a time-consuming and potentially expensive bid. A white paper has to be professional and accurate. You’ll need to trust a professional copywriter with this treasured composition. White papers thrive on structure.


Moving down from textbook-grounded content; infographics are an essential part of your content strategy. Filmland says a thousand words and infographics are no different. Combine your data with an intriguing visual and you'll produce an fluently digestible infographic that can be participated far and wide.

Infographics bring boring statistics to life so don’t be hysterical to communicate with your developer and get their studies on how they can bring the figures to life. Maps, graphs, and other visual media can also make statistics more emotional and drive observers to convert with your brand.

Where specialized documents like white papers can be delicate to partake on social media, infographics have the eventuality to go viral. Brand your visuals and share as far and wide you can. These pieces take content and design time so make sure you get your return on investment with a planned social media crusade.


If there’s one thing everyone understands it’s a roster. Creating an easy-to-follow list or graphic offers virality and social media eventuality. rosters can be created to help guests understand how your services serve or indeed DIY attendants that add value to your community immolation. You can also change up the format, use a fun inflow map or a roster visual to bring your information to life.

Checklist content is great for generating leads. A roster shows off your study leadership and can be offered to guests in exchange for subscriptions, shares and can indeed be used to ameliorate other pieces you may have written.


Last but not least, is videotape content. Internet pets and structure have come on in hops and bounds. videotape content abounds on social media, is fluently digestible, and has inconceivable share eventuality.

Vids take time and money to produce however so you must plan your videotape as well as the share strategy before breaking ground.

Vids are dynamic and are ideal for druggies on mobile bias. A large proportion of observers spend hours on mobile phones every day so the implicit reach for an instructional video is huge. Flash back to brand your videotape and add CTAs to maximize on this eventuality.

Important like infographics, vids are evergreen. Bed them in other content formats and reshare them from time to time. This will help you get the most out of your video and justify the original disbursement.

As you can see, happy marketing is far further than words on a runner. It’s images, vids, attendants, blogs, news pieces, and anything differently you can imagine. When planning your coming content strategy, suppose about how and where you can shake effects up. Your guests will love the variety and you’ll find your visibility and conversion rate soar.