Are you making this social media misstep for real estate?

It's no secret that real estate brokers with a social media marketing strategy tend to generate more leads for homebuyers and sellers.  Since they utilize Instagram and Facebook as a lead generating tool rather than just a social media network, both those with 1,000 followers and those with 100K followers can succeed online.

What people publish on social media makes all the difference between those who get leads and those who don't. One of the biggest errors that real estate brokers frequently make is concentrating solely on selling.

Consider your social media account a reference for people willing to migrate to your city or town rather than clogging up your page with listings and information that can be obtained on Google. More on that approach below.

The most common social media error made by agencies

It's crucial to provide a combination of entertaining and informative content on social media. Many real estate agents, however, irritate their fans with the same informative posts that they can discover on Google, with topics like  "This is everything you need to buy a house" or " Why your credit is bad and how to improve it."

Instead, providing information that consumers can't discover on Google is what actually engages potential leads and followers. Create a real estate and, most crucially, your city-focused center on Instagram.

5 social media posts to make to get more leads

1. Take over as the virtual mayor

Try acting as the city's digital authority. Tell your followers about events taking place nearby and the greatest burger joint. Inform people about community gatherings. This weekend, is there a notable 5K run? Inform others about it! You can discuss it in your articles or in a post similar to a weekly roundup. 

2. Post a weekly listing of regional events

It will take some organization, but create a weekly post listing the local events taking place that week, along with tags for the companies and individuals participating. They'll be more inclined to spread that article so that their followers may see your content.

3. Include posts addressing homeownership FOMO

Inform followers of the benefits of becoming a homeowner rather than providing them with dry instructional material on the process. Share lovely pictures of your home and provide them decorating advice so they may visualize themselves achieving the American Dream of home ownership. Share data about homeowners and the advantages of purchasing over renting. Let them see what they are missing.

4. Focus the listing on the listing rather than on you

Real estate agents frequently make their listings about themselves rather than the actual property. They want their logo and photo to be larger. But at the end of the day, you're there to assist customers to find a solution and purchase a new house. Therefore, avoid making the listing about you. There are strategies for gently branding your listings so that people will begin to recognize your brand. Always use your brand's colors and fonts, and place your photo in the lower right corner under your name and emblem. However, avoid making the listing about you.

5. List benefits of relocating to your city

Individuals may use the internet to learn more about the community they are considering moving to and/or purchasing a house in. But what if they knew firsthand why they ought to be a part of your neighborhood? Make your town shine this time! What values does your city uphold? How is the weather today? Do you and other residents of your town have any unique historical features? Why is this the finest city ever? Share these interesting facts.

The finest piece of advice is to act as a learn-from-me rather than a look-at-me account. Spread the love for hyperlocality by sharing the greatest resources and being deliberate with your content! Speaking local language instead of using stock photos and generic text can help you reach the proper audience and increase interaction on your account.